Pricing formula

Find the perfect pricing formula to maximize your profits and attract customers. Discover top strategies and tips to set the right prices for your products or services.
When you buy something consider this. If that T-shirt you are wearing costs only $10, what did the person who made it make?  If you get a handmade quilt as a gift, how much is that puppy worth retail?  Shocking, but explains why quilters rarely sell their quilts and give only to those who would truly appreciate that a baby quilt costs about $600 to make! Pricing Formula, Pricing Guide, Online Business, Accounting, Things To Sell, Marketing Budget, How To Plan, Info Board, Business Advice

IF YOU ARE A CUSTOMER OR A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER, THIS POST IS FOR YOU. [update and disclaimer] This post has received a lot of feedback in the comments section which is great! I'm glad we're all talking about this difficult topic. But I do want to add - this formula wasn't meant to be perscriptive, merely a guide. Adapt it to suit your situation. I've added more comments below in red :) It's crazy how often the topic of pricing comes up in conversation around here. - It might be triggered by…

Sarah Evans