Pretty pie crust

Elevate your pie game with these creative and beautiful pie crust designs. Learn how to make stunning designs that will impress your guests and make your desserts even more delicious.
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German Baker Shows Before & After Pics Of Pie Crust Designs That Look Too Good To Eat

German baker and photographer Karin Pfeiff-Boschek takes pastry baking to a whole new level that is definitely close to pie-fection. She masterfully arranges dough and fruits into the most beautiful pie crust designs. Vibrant botanical and geometrical ornaments on top of delicious pies make them almost too pretty to eat.

Lexi Smith
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Self-Taught Baker Creates Pies So Stunning, They Would Fit Any Thanksgiving Table (30 Pics)

Self-taught baker Helen Nugent calls herself a "messy kitchen maker". Her pies, however, are anything but! It doesn't matter what angle you choose to look at them; everything from the pristine filling to the carefully designed crust looks absolutely gorgeous, just begging to climb into your mouth.

Clifford Chase
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Autumn is here (in the northern hemisphere at least). As the nights draw in, the temperatures drop and we start thinking about upcoming events such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Bonfire Night, we also begin to crave heartier, more filling food.

Bronislava Sophie Michalsky