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Discover intriguing ideas to run a successful presidential campaign and make a lasting impact on the voters. Build a strong message, engage with the public, and lead your campaign to victory.
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Art Shay: acclaimed photographer – in pictures

Shay, who has died aged 96, photographed celebrities, politicians and ordinary Americans during a career that spanned 70 years. His work for publications including Time, Life and Sports Illustrated made him one of the most respected photojournalists of his generation

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2008, Barack Obama won sufficient delegates in the Democratic Party primaries to receive the presidential nomination. He then defeated Republican nominee John McCain in the general election, and was inaugurated as 44th president on January 20, 2009 Presidential Posters, Presidential Campaign Posters, Barak And Michelle Obama, Obama Poster, Obama Portrait, Obama Campaign, Barack Obama Family, Barak Obama, Obama Family

Campaign Posters From the 2008 Election

Above is John McCain's campaign poster from the 2008 presidential election with running mate Sarah Palin. Here is McCain's opposing candidate, Barack Obama's campaign poster from the 2008 election. I find that Obama's poster is much more effective than McCain's for a number of reasons. One, it has a picture of him on it, giving a face to the possible leader of the United states. Two, it has the campaign slogan "Yes we can" on it, giving people confidence in their vote for Obama. Also, it…