Potato vines

Enhance the beauty of your garden with these stunning potato vine varieties. Explore top ideas to add vibrant colors and lush foliage to your outdoor space.
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By Julie Christensen If you’re looking for a vigorous, fast-growing vine for trailing in pots or in beds, sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas) just might be the ticket. Sweet potato vines are tropical plants that thrive in rich, moist soil. They tolerate a variety of soil Ph levels and grow in both full sun and […]

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create this top to bottom:  a bright green Colocasia/Caladium (Elephant Ear) // Persicaria microcephala 'Red Dragon' (or Lysimachia “Firecracker” – which is invasive planted in ground) // Monarda (bergamot - bee balm) "Pardon my Pink" // Coleus (red or pink) // Ipomoea - Sweet Potato Vine "Sweetheart lime" Gardening, Outdoor, Garden Container, Flowers Garden, Planting Flowers, Garden Containers, Garden Plants, Garden Pots, Flower Pots

Whether you’re an apartment dweller with a balcony or a homeowner with a deck, it’s the time of year to begin thinking about planting a container garden to enjoy all summer. If you enjoy flowers, you might be thinking sun or shade annuals, now available in riotous abundance at the local garden centers. If you like fresh veggies, maybe try some of the dwarf-growing tomatoes or cukes with full sized fruit and plant them in a large tub. If you are a good cook, a container filled with growing…

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