Poor posture

Learn how to correct poor posture and alleviate back pain with these simple tips and exercises. Start improving your posture today for a healthier and more confident you.
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How to Avoid Muscle Imbalances. One of the leading causes of injury in the gym and in sport is muscle imbalances, this is where you have an under-develop muscle or muscle group that is affecting you. These imbalances can either affect symmetry or can create posture issues. Fixing them may not be your priority right now, but in the future a small imbalance could be a serious concern.

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The Einstein Hunch™ is a term developed by a certified personal trainer and author Gma Goldie. After several clients who were plagued by bad posture, she felt a name associated with a brilliant man who also had bad posture would be helpful for her clients to grab hold of the idea of how important posture is to their muscular physique. Why the term Einstein Hunch™ ? Because like many of Gma Goldie's clients who are successful and very intelligent, they forget about taking care of their body.

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Posture is something we all "know" is important, but how important is it? Preventing a hunchback is not only important for our appearance, but our overall health. Find out how you can prevent a hunchback, and use the exercises within the article to help improve your overall posture and well-being.

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