Poison tree poem

Delve into the profound meaning behind the Poison Tree poem and unravel its intricate symbolism. Discover how this powerful poem reflects the human experience and invites introspection.
English Form 4 Poem - A Poison Tree (Quick Revision Notes & Questions/Exercises) Wisdom, English, Poison Tree Poem, Wrath, William Blake, Anger, Meant To Be, Poison Tree, Poison

wrath - extreme anger (kemarahan) foe - enemy (musuh) watered - pour or sprinkle water over (siram) fears - feeling of afraid (ketakutan) tears - (air mata) sunned - (mencahayakan) deceitful - dishonest (menipu) wiles - lure (umpan/permainan) bore - carry (bawa) bright - (terang) beheld - seeing something impressive shine - a quality of brightness (berkilat) stole - past tense for steal (curi) veiled - cover (tutup) glad - grateful (bersyukur) outstretched - stretch out body (badan…

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