Plywood Furniture

Discover the beauty of plywood furniture with these modern and stylish ideas. Upgrade your home decor and create a unique and trendy space with these innovative plywood furniture designs.

In our world, new collections take time. Aside from inspiration-seeking and ideation, the logistics of producing premium quality, American-made furniture using only natural, domestic materials takes years to get just right. But one way we do have an opportunity to explore more ephemeral sources of inspiration and seasonality is with color and upholstery. It also

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P9L - Lounge Chair Made With CNC Router: CNC Furniture has been for a few years already but hasn't really taken off. I believe this is because designers haven't spend enough time designing with that technology in mind. Most of the CNC furniture I found online have the typical joinery expos…

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Lozi creates bespoke and made to measure wooden furniture from our shop and workshop in Hackney, East London. From whole interior redesigns, kitchens or fitted wardrobes through to our furniture collection, Lozi offers a comprehensive range of services to fit anyone's needs.

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