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Discover the legendary Plymouth cars that have left their mark in automotive history. From classic models to powerful muscle cars, explore the rich heritage of the Plymouth brand and find your dream ride.
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In 1983, Christine was brought to the big screen, adapted from Stephen King's novel from the same year. Christine is a bright red Plymouth Fury, somehow possessed and on a destructive path. Her latest owner is Arnie, a nerdy kid with only one friend. Slowly his fascination with Christine changes him, which inevitability brings trouble on his front door. The car later comes to life and takes revenge on his enemies. This is not a movie review, so enough with the story telling. However, the…

James Willey
1970 Plymouth Road Runner  The material which I can produce is suitable for different flat objects, e.g.: cogs/casters/wheels… Fields of use for my material: DIY/hobbies/crafts/accessories/art... My material hard and non-transparent. My contact: web: Plymouth, Plymouth Road Runner, Plymouth Roadrunner, Classic Cars Trucks, Plymouth Muscle Cars, Classic Cars Muscle, Classic Car, Dodge Muscle Cars, Ford

Road Runners have a special place in the heart of many classic Mopar enthusiasts. This 1970 Plymouth Road Runner is a shining example of what a tastefully resto-modded muscle car can look like. Perfect paint? Check. Timeless wheels? Check. Aggressive stance? Bingo.

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