Pink eyes

Learn effective ways to treat and prevent pink eyes, including home remedies and medical treatments. Take action against pink eyes and safeguard your eye health.
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Pink eye ...........

Thought I'd do a little more playing around....this is Aaron's eye, he is getting very good at letting me photograph his eye now ;-) With alll the rain we are getting it is hard to get out and get any photos :-( This is not photo-shopped, this was done only in picassa2, I was pleased with how it came out... By the way it is exactly 6 months since I gave up smoking, a bit of a mile stone......

Kyle Twigg
Aubrey is a hybrid but not one like Klaus, she is a siphoner and were… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad Pink Demon Aesthetic, Slayer Aesthetic, Moon Eyes, Painted Eyes, X Male Reader, Black Color Hairstyles, Color Hairstyles, Aesthetic Eyes, Lukisan Cat Air

The Pink Hybrid

Aubrey is a hybrid but not one like Klaus, she is a siphoner and werewolf. When she starts seeing an original those closest to her declare her as an enemy, so she decides she will play the role given to her. She finds a new family in the enemy's. Smut early on 😜 1 on #klaus 2/13/22 1 on #Themikaelsons 2/16/22 1 on #elijah 2/19/22 1 on #tvd 2/21/22 1 on #hybrid 2/23/22 1 on #thevampirediaries 2/23/22

Boy Howdy