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Find the best pet boarding facilities for your furry friends while you're away. Ensure their comfort and safety with top-rated boarding options near you.
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Complete with private rooms, comfy beds, a swimming pool, and a 24/7 live feed, the AtFrits Pet Hotel and Daycare Centre in Cape Town, South Africa is unlike any pet boarding facility in the world. Gone are the days of chain-link kennels and sad dogs pining for their owners. This all-animal hotel has 56 dog rooms and 32 cat rooms. It’s thought to be the largest pet facility in the world, and pet people are lining up for a chance ... Read more

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For the dog or cat that deserves the best care possible, luxury pet hotels are the way to go. UK pet owners going on holiday will take comfort knowing their beloved animal friends will also be enjoying an equally fun break when they book their #pets at these 9 upscale pet hotels.

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Hound town is the big dog area. Our pet resort is exceptional in so many ways. We are cage free at night and have so many amenities and things for the dogs to do. Daycare has large 55ft beach entry pool, splash pad, island bubbles, pool floaties, agility equipment, under ground tunnel, rolling hills. We have web cams on all day and night. Customers can peak in anytime to watch the fun.

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For many traveling pet parents, he traditional options of sending your pet to the kennel or recruiting a reluctant relative to look after Fido or Fluffy are less than ideal choices. While many people may opt to take their pets along with them when they travel, more than a few pet owners and activists warn...

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