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Discover the latest fashion trends and outfit ideas for people clothes. Upgrade your wardrobe with stylish and trendy clothing options that will make you look and feel your best.
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I'm sorry for such a long break in between posts! I have been, yet again, dealing with some not so fun medical issues. I will post an update on that once I have all the information but for now, let's talk Spring wardrobe! Today on CCG, I am sharing my favorite skirts for Spring. Feminine

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Most of us believe that clothes have “genders.” Our society has the idea that some things are “fitting” for a man or woman to wear, and some aren’t. However, some open-minded people wear whatever they want and express themselves freely, not needing to live up to any stereotype. Like the inspiring Mark Bryan, who proves it’s finally time to eliminate gender stereotypes, especially in clothing.

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Russian street photographer Grisha Besko is most well known for documenting all of the best everyday looks of people living in Moscow. His photos discern the "urban" style of muscovite outfits as he does his best to reveal the main differences that distinguish it from the regular Western look we might be so used to seeing.

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Looking for low effort Halloween costumes to try this year? We got you covered with 20 easy costumes with normal clothes you can DIY!

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I don't know why but I really like this traditional costumes from Africa, the clothes men wear look so comfortable! African Fashion History, Cultural Clothing Around The Worlds, African Medieval Clothing, African American Traditional Clothing, Medieval African Clothing, Swahili Clothing, Around The World Costume Ideas, Traditional Costumes Of The World, Around The World Outfits

Don’t you find the diversity of traditional costumes from other parts of the world fascinating? Some styles have developed over hundreds of years. Some are no longer worn except as part of ce…

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