Pedestrian street design

Transform urban spaces with creative pedestrian street design ideas that prioritize safety, accessibility, and aesthetics. Explore innovative ways to enhance the walking experience for pedestrians.
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Commercial Alley | National Association of City Transportation Officials

Commercial alleys, though often thought of as dirty or unsafe, can be designed to play an integral role in a downtown street network and improve the pedestrian realm in and around commercial areas.

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Deep Ellum's Crowdus Street To Become Pedestrian Park. | Central Track

The Deep Ellum Foundation Moves Forward With Plans To Turn Crowdus Street Into A Pedestrian Plaza By 2023 -- But Who Exactly Asked For That?

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Gågatan södra by Karavan landskapsarkitekter

The design derives from the contemporary needs of a functional yet attractive pedestrian street in the city center. We aimed to create an inviting street on a human scale with a unique and clear identity. Design concepts focused on richness in experience, timelessness and small scale. The city’s main shopping street targets a unique identity […]

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Downtown 1-Way Street | National Association of City Transportation Officials

In the mid-20th century, many 2-way downtown streets were converted to 1-way to streamline traffic operations, reduce conflicts, and create direct access points to newly built urban freeways. Today…