Pecan pie brownies

Indulge in the perfect combination of rich chocolate brownies and gooey pecan pie. Try these mouthwatering pecan pie brownie recipes and treat yourself to a delightful dessert.
Pecan pie brownies are a delicious and decadent dessert. The easy homemade recipe features fudgy chocolate brownies topped with candied pecan pie.

Pecan Pie Brownies are easy to make and a wonderful dessert any time of year, but especially around the holidays. The pie brownies are decadent and rich.

Marilyn Peterson
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The easy pecan pie brownies are a match made in dessert heaven! Start by baking a batch of the most deliciously fudgy brownies and then pouring over a layer of homemade pecan pie filling that oozes over the top. As the mixture bakes in the oven, the pie filling sets into a gooey, nutty layer that takes every bite to the next level!

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