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Discover a variety of delicious and healthy Pasti Sani recipes to satisfy your cravings. Try these flavorful dishes and take your taste buds on a culinary journey.
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Avocado Toast with Pickled Red Onions Recipe | The Feedfeed

The egg grated on the microplate on top of the avocado toast TRULY makes the avocado toast a BAMF. So dang good! What’s your favorite topping for avocado toast? I will be here writing papers because that is my life at the current moment. Honestly getting back into a routine is going to be good for my mental health and I can’t wait, you feel? The deets: avocado toast with grated hard boiled egg, pickled red onions, and habanero hot sauce.

Emily Gunderson
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Seared Salmon Quinoa Bowls with Cara Cara Orange Vinaigrette Recipe | The Feedfeed

I’ve been actively trying to bring a little brightness into my meals during these uncertain times. Sometimes it’s with a squeeze of lemon or handful of chopped herbs, but often it’s with this vinaigrette that has continued to prove its stellar versatility the more I use it. The juice of the Sunkist® Citrus Cara Cara Oranges, rich in vitamin C, blends with thyme, mustard, garlic, and honey before getting hit with an equal amount of olive oil for a vibrant emulsified dressing that works…