Paperclip crafts

Discover a variety of creative and fun paperclip crafts to make with just a few simple materials. Get inspired to create unique and stylish accessories, home decor, and more using paperclips.
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Craft supplies can be anything – even office supplies! Use paperclips and binder clips as a source of inspiration to make a variety of different paperclip craft projects. Entertain kids, make jewelry, decorate your home… all with paperclips. Take a few home from the office, or buy boxes full from the office supply store – […]

Debbie Larson Robinson
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We all have those projects where the vision in our head is breathtaking and the reality in front of us in no way matches the that vision. Once in a blue moon the opposite occurs. The DIY gods smile upon you and what had no potential evolves into something that is quite creative. Such was the case with Thrift Chick and my "tacky birthday gift." A colleague of ours was turning 60. The special ed department was charged with giving her 60 items or a really tacky gift. I inherited the materials…

Paula Guarino