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Get inspired by these creative palm branch craft ideas and unleash your DIY skills. Discover unique ways to transform palm branches into beautiful and stylish home decor items.
Palm Crosses - Crafts a la mode

I just wanted to do a quick post about making palm crosses today. I made a Squidoo page about Palm Crosses and put on links for how to make them and videos, too. Check it out HERE- Palm Crosses. I made these! This is very new for me. When I was coming out of church I saw a woman who had one of these little woven thingees and asked her how to do it. She showed me but I didn’t quite get it but my friend’s daughter said, “Oh, I know how to do that”. We came home with lots of palms. :) And she…

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Palm Sunday is the day Christians remember Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem the week before his passion, death, and resurrection. Palm Sunday, of course, means getting palms at church. And getting palms at church means weaving cool things! [See also: How to Make a Cross Out of Your Palm in 6 Easy Steps] Here are 18 examples of some really cool things people have made. Maybe they can inspire your creation this year?

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A while ago we celebrated my youngest daughters birthday. She was turning 10 and wanted a Moana themed birthday party. I prefer to DIY as much of my kids party decor as I can because a) it’…

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