Pad thai recipes

Indulge in the flavors of authentic Pad Thai with these mouthwatering recipes. Explore a variety of ingredients and techniques to create the perfect Pad Thai dish at home.
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Under 30 minutes fix dinner with this recipe of authentic pad thai recipe, with authentic pad thai sauce recipe, which makes this best and easy real pad thai any time! Add chicken, vegetable, and shrimp as you like and enjoy this restaurant style pad thai recipe at home under 30 mins or less. This is the best authentic pad thai EVER!

Michelle Sayers
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This homemade Pad Thai recipe is easy to make, tossed with a fresh and sweet and tangy sauce, and customizable with whatever protein, veggies, and spice level you prefer. (Chicken, steak, pork, shrimp, tofu and veggie-only options included below.)

Adele Jennis