Origami day

Get inspired to celebrate Origami Day with these creative origami ideas. Learn how to fold beautiful paper creations and bring a touch of artistry to your day.
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I saw this gorgeous reel by Clymdraws that showed a lovely folded paper greeting and was so inspired to try making one myself. This is a lovely origami craft because the folding pattern is so simple and you can use this design to make cards for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day.... or any holiday, really. Directions are below. Enjoy! How to Make a Cute Folding Origami Greeting Card for Valentine's Day (Or Mother's Day... or any holiday!) How the Folding Origami Card Works: You start off like…

Kay Meyer
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Learn how to make an Easy Origami Heart for Valentine’s Day. A piece of paper, a bit of patience and a few clever folds are all you’ll need to make this simple heart. What better way to show someone you care than with a hand-folded paper heart.

Sarah Montoya Gwynn