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Engage your kids in learning math with fun and interactive online math games. Discover a wide range of games that make learning math enjoyable and help improve their skills.
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While there are tons of math sites out there for teachers to use in the classroom, not all of them are great. I’ve tested out many math sites with my students and I’m sharing the ones that I felt were the best. By the best I mean there is more math than fluff. These websites […]

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Games are an important part of math class, in my opinion. Not only are kids able to practice the skills that we have been focusing on (over and over repeatedly), but they are also doing it in a format that they find fun…and anything that adds fun to learning is a plus in my book! […]

Kelly Houston
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Are you homeschooling a tween or teen and looking for the best math games for middle school? Look no further, my friend. I've got you covered. As a school psychologist, lifelong gamer, and homeschool mom, I am passionate about play-based learning and gameschooling. I've witnessed the educational benefit of games when it comes to learning countless times! As a school psychologist, I used games with children and teens from preschool to 12th grade. Now, as a homeschool mom, I play games with my…

Sara Palmer