Oni traditional art

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Oni traditional art. Discover exquisite artworks and learn about the fascinating history and symbolism behind this unique art form.
Devil Priest | woodblock print by Matahei (early 18th centur… | Flickr Woodblock Print, Early 20th Century, 18th Century, 20th Century

woodblock print by Matahei (early 18th century); printed from re-carved blocks probably early 20th century; from my collection. A devil as an itinerant priest in the Otsu-e style. This design was pasted inside houses for protection. Oban tate-e (24.5 x 44.0 cm). From the Mingeikan Folk Crafts Museum description of Otsu-e: "The name otsu-e is derived from the place where these paintings were sold, in and around the post town of Otsu, which lay on the Tokaido Road running between Edo (present…