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Glasgow hasn’t always been that wee stinky joby in the bathtub as some poor souls might think. Or even yon city of the dreadful night riddled with drug addiction, knife crime, and sectarian bile. Once upon a time, Glasgow shimmered in pixie dust and was almost literally a fairy wonderland full of cartoon elves and … Continue reading "Thomas Annan’s Powerful Photographs of ‘The Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow’ 1868"

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Incredible Photos Of The Closes And Streets Of Glasgow In The Late 1800s - Neatorama Glasgow, Brittany, London, Historic England, Glasgow Scotland, Victorian London, Glasgow City, Vintage Scotland, Victorian Life

The mean streets of Glasgow circa the late 1800s are the stuff of legend, and many a tale has been told about the gangs and ne'er-do-wells who roamed those narrow streets and alleyways looking for an easy mark.The maze-like streets may seem like something Hollywood made up, but these old photos taken by Thomas Annan show the Glasgow streets really were as claustrophobic and sketchy as the movies make them out to be.Thomas opened a photo studio on Sauchiehall Street in 1857, and a few years…