Old candy

Don't let your old candy go to waste! Discover creative and delicious ways to repurpose your leftover candy and satisfy your sweet tooth.
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From SAVEUR Issue #156 My favorite part about visiting my Aunt Tosca's Springfield, Massachusetts, house with my parents in the 1970s was the glass candy dish she kept on her coffee table. That dish was always filled with an assortment of hard candies: root beer barrels, red hots, butterscotches. I would discreetly dip my hand into it as the adults caught up on family matters. I've never lost my love for hard candies, those jewel-like confections that usually amount to little more than…

Karly Creates

15-INCH GUMBALL MACHINE - This bubble gum machine is ideal for small gumballs up to 0.62-inches, but can easily accommodate jellybeans, mint candies, hard candies, chocolate balls, or even mixed nuts to customize your snacking preferences. ADJUSTABLE DISPENSING - Equipped with an innovative dispensing mechanism that is adjustable, this bubblegum machine allows you to vary the volume of gumballs or other treats that are dispensed when you turn the handle. ANTI-SPILL COVER - This gumball…

Farhat Batool