Dive into the underwater adventures of the Octonauts and join them on their mission to explore, rescue, and protect marine life. Discover fun facts, games, and more for young explorers!
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Tweak Bunny is one of the characters in Octonauts. She is an engineer. Tweak lives and works in the launch bay, where she can fix a GUP “faster than you can say buncha munchy crunchy carrots!” She has green fur and a white muzzle. She uses a pink bandana as a headband and has a blue belt with tools. She also wears blue boots. For more images and screenshots of Tweak click here.

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Kwazii is a daredevil cat with a mysterious pirate past. He loves storms, exploring, general excitement and swashbuckling. Kwazii is one of the best drivers on the Octopod as he often takes his favorite Gup, the Gup-B, out for driving practice. Kwazii can also pilot the Octopod's steering wheel (the Amazon Adventure) but he appears to enjoy taking a very bumpy and roundabout way to the destination. As befitting a pirate and an old-fashioned sailor, Kwazii believes in many different kinds of…

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Tunip is the Octonauts' head cook and gardener. He is a Vegimal, a half-animal, half-vegetable creature capable of breathing on land as well as underwater. Tunip is very childish and innocent, always wanting to help the Octonauts in any way he can. He is the smallest main character in the Octonauts crew. Aside from cooking the meals, Tunip works in the garden, cultivating vegetables he can use to cook meals. His two favorite meals are fish biscuits and kelp cakes. Tunip, like all Vegimals…

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