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Explore a collection of stunning OC drawings that will ignite your creativity and inspire your own artwork. Discover unique characters and their captivating stories.
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Nowadays, we are seeing more and more people cosplaying, drawing, or taking any other means to recreate their beloved characters from their favorite TV shows. But this artist went a step further by rendering well-known cartoon, game and movie personages into their 3D forms.

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PLEASE READ!!! Hello! This is the OFFICIAL M4ggz with a 4 Picrew, where you can create a human or alien OC! This Picrew was requested by a close friend of mine. :) Inspired by: QueenBee's (HunBloom) Picrew "Character maker" https://picrew.me/ja/image_maker/626197 Please do not crop the watermark. You may use your OC as a PFP or PNG Tuber, but please do not use it for profit, claim my work as your own, and make sure to credit me. Thank you. SOCIALS! Youtube…


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