Nautical landscaping

Transform your outdoor space into a coastal oasis with these nautical landscaping ideas. From seashell pathways to driftwood accents, discover how to bring the beach to your backyard.

A set of nautical shore pilings. These pilings are raw, in other words, they are left natural. I used (3) horizontal wraps of Manila Rope with (3) vertical wraps to make it "pop". I liked what I saw and I hope you like it as well. Thank you for looking! 19" tall, 7.5" wide, 7.5" deep. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT MAKE THE WOOD. I SIMPLY CUT IT, SAND IT AND WRAP IT WITH ROPE. ***IT IS A NORMAL PROCESS FOR WOOD TO CRACK AS IT DRIES***. I CANNOT CONTROL OR STOP THIS PROCESS. *****IT IS RECOMENDED THAT…