Natural carpet cleaning solution

Discover the power of natural ingredients with our effective carpet cleaning solutions. Keep your home clean and fresh with our eco-friendly methods that are safe for your family and pets.
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I'll admit, I'm slightly OCD when it comes to clean floors. I'm constantly sweeping, vacuuming, wiping or mopping them. Having a toddler and two little dogs doesn't exactly help the matter.Carpets are in a cleaning category of their own-- they're basically, in my mind, dirt and grime magnets and ne

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If you have cats, dogs, kids or a husband (or wife) and carpets you need this DIY homemade carpet cleaner in your life. It's easy, very inexpensive and better than anything I've ever bought. You can thank Mio for the magic spray. Mio and Chelsea in a staring contest Once upon a time I had a beautiful cat named Mio. I loved Mio and Mio loved me. He showed me his love by ignoring me, screaming at me when he wanted food and leaving my house every day to be unfaithful with another family down…

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I love knowing exactly what's in the things I use in my house!Join us on Pinterest & Facebook for more Natural Remedies & Healthy Living Tips!Follow Rachel Holland's board Natural Remedies & Healthy Living! on Pinterest.

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Carpet cleaning is one of the worst ways to bring toxic chemicals into your home. You lay on your carpet and play on it and the toxins can permeate the air you breathe. Learn how to clean your carpet without chemicals by checking out this article Healthy DIY Carpet Cleaning {With a Machine}.

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