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Narcissism relationships

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Narcissists Can Be Fooled With These Simple Tips...

A strange thing I've noticed about narcissists is that although they're master manipulators, they're also pretty gullible. They CAN be manipulated. And they CAN fall prey to scams. Some narcissists defences and traits can be used against them. Even though they're largely designed to protect them. Here's a few ways narcissists are gullible and easily

Narcissists Jump From One Relationship To The Next

You may be left devastated after a break up with a narcissist. Your whole world turned upside down. Needing time to heal, reflect, and move on. But the narcissist moves on without a care in the world. And may have a new flame within days. Parading them over social media, and round your local area.

Narcissist Relationships Cause These Feelings...

During a relationship with a narcissist, you feel many negative emotions. But the frustrating thing is that it's difficult to pin down why you feel that way. And it's even more difficult to explain to others how you're feeling. For years in my marriage I had a gut feeling I was being played. And that

Here's Why Narcissists Like On-Off Relationships

Many narcissists like on-off relationships. This is where they split up and get back together multiple times. This leads their partners on a roller coaster of emotions. Which can be strangely addictive for some. But an unstable relationship leads to an unstable life. And causes distress to most grown adults, who like things solid, so

If He Does These 20 Toxic Things, He Is A Covert Narcissist

If he does these horrifying things, sorry to be the one to break it to you, but he is a narcissist...you still haven’t seen it yet!

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