Nail bed damage

Learn how to repair nail bed damage and promote healthy nails with these effective tips and remedies. Restore the beauty of your nails and keep them strong and resilient.
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Growing up I was always biting and picking my nails. The habit followed me throughout college, and I was always ashamed of how my fingers looked. When I finished grad school and began my first job as a physician assistant I knew I had to do something about it. I had to look like a professional.

Ann Johnston
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I injured my nail causing the nail to lift from the nail bed. It’s been about two months and the nail is growing but it’s not reattaching. It’s lifted down to the cuticle. I feel only a little pain if I hit or squeeze the nail hard. Is the nail damaged for good? Should I cut it back? Will I be able to apply a tip in the future?

Coralie Selby
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The habit of flicking or rubbing the thumbnail cuticle causes thumbnail ridges that travel down the entire nail plate. This is called Habit-tic deformity. The ridging is characteristic and often the cuticle is thickened and calloused too. Why does thumbnail ridging happen in Habit-Tic Deformity? The friction irritates

Jeanette Svensson