Music education activities

Discover fun and interactive music education activities that will inspire a love for music in learners of all ages. Get inspired to create a musical journey filled with creativity and exploration.
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By now you know how much I love to use props in the music room. Lately I’ve been experimenting with the parachute. I’m sure I’ll discover lot’s of new ways to use it in my classroom as I “kid” test the activities. So, I came up with ten musical parachute activities for the music classroom. […]

Corinne J
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Shelly Horton
How to keep your elementary kids in grades K-4 engaged in May and June. From A Different Musician dot com. Youtube, Music Lessons For Kids, Elementary Music, Elementary Music Lessons, Elementary Music Games, Music Lesson Plans, Teaching Music, Kindergarten Music Class, Elementary Choir

Here are a bunch of ideas for music class activities for grades K-4 to keep kids engaged in May. Summer's fast approaching, but meaningful music education is still possible! Check out these tips, resources, and musical ideas for your elementary students.