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Enhance the health and productivity of your garden with nutrient-rich mushroom compost. Explore how mushroom compost can improve soil quality and promote vibrant plant growth.
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QUESTION: Will mushroom compost burn plants? I saw some at the garden center and was thinking of trying it out in my garden this year. – Ursula E GARDENING CHANNEL REPLIES: Yes, mushroom compost can definitely burn plants. To understand why this occurs, you must first understand what mushroom compost actually is. Gardeners typically use […]

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Ever wondered where to place your compost bin to get the best results? Choosing the right spot makes all the difference in how fast your compost breaks down, and if it even works at all. Check out all of our tips for success. #GreenLiving #GardenTips #SustainableLiving #Composting101 #homesteading

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Tomato growers often look for the best ways to improve plant growth — so is mushroom compost good for tomatoes? It’s known that compost generally improves soil health, but there’s a good reason why this particular form is ideal.

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