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Explore a collection of creative movie character drawings that will inspire your artistic skills. Discover unique and captivating portrayals of your favorite film characters.
Walt Disney Mickey Mouse. Movie Character Drawings within Characters. By Sam Brunell.

The tile might not make a lot of sense till you see the images and then I hope you will see the meaning in it. Sam Brunell aka (@littlesamsart), describes himself as: "Artist - Illustrator - Dreamer". He is the creative artist that manages to sum-up a genre of movies, within one illustration. It's almost like getting an essay and filtering into a tweet. Brunell explains how he has had to go through many operations growing up and that drawing, creating art, was a way to put all of that aside…

It Is Me A Tori
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The tile sums up why I like these drawings so much. They embody the best qualities of both styles. This is the work of artist Iusupov, now living in Italy. Amongst all of the portraits, I have added a couple of celebrities that fit nicely in the mix. Poses and expressions of the people represented, try and tell us something about them. The titles below, are my attempt at interpreting them. There isn't only one answer and I don't suppose all of my guesses are right either. So have a go and…

Deako Gremelashvili