Moorish science

Explore the fascinating world of Moorish Science and uncover its hidden knowledge. Discover the principles and teachings behind this ancient tradition and embark on a journey of enlightenment.
AMEN PAR ANKH Sacred Temple of Life: The Meaning of Bey, El, Ali, Al, and Dey Sacred Science, Knowledge And Wisdom, Ancient Knowledge, Religion, Black History Facts, Knowledge, Black Knowledge, Islam, Five Percent Nation

ISLAM The meaning of the "Bey" or "El" added at the end of people's last name signifies that they are returning to the knowledge of being a Moor. Bey and El are family names of people that belong to the Nation of Moors, also associated with the ancient Moabites. The name Bey or El, was used as a title as well. Ultimately, Bey or El is used as a family name like Soprano is for Italians, Don for Latins or Lee is for the Chinese. My Name is Nuta Beqsu Adenike AmenRa Mosley El. Donations…

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