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Discover the unique advantages of Montessori education and how it can foster holistic development in children. Find top ideas to create a nurturing and independent learning environment.
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When you walk into a traditional preschool, the first thing you might notice is the classroom decore. Bright, colorful decorations often fill the walls in a traditional classroom. Plastic toys may clutter your view. In a traditional Montessori classroom, on the other hand, you will see only a few carefully…

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Montessori is growing in popularity. Every day, the parenting websites, mommy YouTube channels, and Instagram influencers are re-discovering this 100-year-old educational approach. And it’s great they are. The Montessori method, although old, has a lot to say to modern parents. What is Montessori? The Montessori method is an educational approach developed by Italian physician Maria … What is Montessori? 7 Principles of the Montessori Method Read More »

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It’s been a little while since we’ve shared a Montessori Practical Life lesson here, but they are a daily occurrence at our house. Today, I want to share with you a Montessori Practical Life Checklist to help you plan and choose practical life activities to suit your child. Now, I’m going to start by saying that you...

Playdough to Plato
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Maria Montessori was an Italian physician who is known for her passionate and pioneering work in early childhood development. She believed in sense learning and creative exploration letting childre…

Jasmin Pichardo
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Are you new to Montessori?! Do you feel sometimes overwhelmed with the amount of new information you need to process? Would you like to hear advice from Montessori parents, bloggers, and teachers on common mistakes Montessori newbies make and how to avoid them!?

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