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Mahadev Tattoo with Chillum Rudraksha Necklace: 'Mahadev' is the other name of Shiva. It also means strict or uncompromising and ‘aksha’ means eye. Rudraksha, the necklace worn by Lord Shiva shows that he is firm about his cosmic laws and to maintain law and order in the universe. The necklace has 108 beads, which symbolize the elements used in the creation of the world. #mahadevtattoo #tattoo #mahadev #shiva #rudra #tattooart #tattoomaker #tattoodesign #tattoostudio #tattoolife

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Can you feel it? It’s that time of the year again. The time when you realize you absolutely need another tattoo. It’s addictive, we know. But what if this time you want something a little more intimate, even secret, something that is not immediately visible? We know exactly what you need! Behind-the-ear tattoos!

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