Modern renaissance

Immerse yourself in the world of modern renaissance. Discover the vibrant mix of contemporary art and culture that defines this exciting era. Experience the fusion of tradition and innovation in a captivating journey.
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Once in a while, time, light, and space conspire to bridge the gap between the present and the past. In those moments, modern photos snapped with handheld computers come to look like accidental renaissance paintings created by the old masters. Fortunately, there is a subreddit called /r/AccidentalRenaissance where anyone in the world can share their magnificent digital paintings.

Mina Rose
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Handmold Tile is authentic hand-formed clay tile characterized by irregular edges, corners and surface variations. Rich tones and inviting textures enhance both traditional and contemporary interiors. If you love the quality of old historic tile, you'll love Handmold. Using a special blend of local clays, wooden molds, and techniques developed

Maria Coanda
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When you point your camera at a random thing on the street, you usually don’t expect much. But in the vast sea of dull photos that fill your camera roll, one stands out. Call it a miracle, or a lovely surprise, but if you feel like the pic is superior in composition, style, lighting, and somewhat resembles a classical painting, it may be that you have just encountered “accidental renaissance.”

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