Mixed drinks with gin

Discover a variety of flavorful mixed drinks with gin that will tantalize your taste buds. From classic cocktails to trendy creations, explore the best gin-based drink recipes and elevate your happy hour experience.
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Gin Daisy is a type of sour that was actually the base for the Margarita. The 'daisy' part likely comes from the daisy flower, alluding to the sour's light yellow color. It's a classic cocktail and it's been around long enough that it's spawned a modern version as well, this one featuring a dash of grenadine syrup.

Heide Kackley
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Sharing is caring!Summer is the best season to have a great cocktail, and gin cocktails are something special so I decided to make this list for you, trust me it wasn’t easy to stop at only 7 summer gin cocktails since there are a lot more that can work, but I don’t want to overwhelm …

Christine Reese