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Elevate your home decor with mirror tiles. Explore unique ideas to incorporate mirror tiles in your living space and create a stylish and reflective atmosphere.
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How to create a window mirror on a budget I really wanted a large window mirror for this space but when I became to search, they were looking at £200+ and with decor fashions changing all the time. I didn't warrant paying that for a mirror. And alot of people were creating them by sticking the mirrors directly to the wall but I wanted to be able to frame and hang mine, to give it more of a vintage aged look. So keeping costs down a found a old piece of hardboard in the shed and painted it so

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Something just didn’t look right. The den in our new condo has been driving me crazy. I tried to make it in to another monk’s room, like the one we had on Capitol Hill. But this room is larger, and has no windows. It also has the living room carpet and chair that didn’t match the black and white bedspread, along with the clothes rack/bench from the hallway. A new bedspread just didn’t look right either. I thought about hanging curtains to create an illusion of a window but decided against…

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DIY wall decor ideas as features to give your rooms a unique, interesting look. Floating shelves, making an antique mirror from glass, wall planters, farmhouse wall sconces and how to make a tic tac toe wall game from wood. These wall decor ideas are easy to do, inexpensive and an interesting addition to your home.

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