Mini crib

Create a cozy and stylish nursery for your baby with these top 10 mini crib ideas. Find the perfect mini crib that combines comfort and design to provide a peaceful sleep environment for your little one.
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What is the difference between a mini crib and a regular crib?! Which is the right choice for you momma?! Picking the perfect crib for your newborn baby can be HARD - but understanding whether you need a mini crib, bassinet, or a full size crib is important

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There are plenty of ways to make the most of limited space with lots of clever conversions, like alcove beds to IKEA furniture hacks, and of course, a closet-turned-bedroom. Using a sizable closet as an additional sleeping space is a budget-friendly way to squeeze more life out of your existing space, even if it’s small. Take a look at these ideas to help you to eke out a bit more room, and create cozy sleeping nooks in the process.

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