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Mighty Max Sinks Nautilus is a Doom Zone with an underwater theme. Captain Nemo has returned in search for the ocean's treasures inside his submarine, the Nautilus. Although the world had long thought Nemo dead, he had been destroying ships and stealing treasure for quite some time. Max suddenly appears, confronting Nemo, who pulls out a gun. Max quickly presses a trapdoor switch nearby, which drops Nemo. Captain Nemo recovers and grabs a large rifle, shooting at the Mighty One. Max presses…

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Warmonger is an unreleased Battle Fortress originally intended for release in 1996. Under unknown circumstances, this playset was cancelled alongside the other proposed Mighty Max: Into the Battle Zone series of toys. Despite not being released, artwork of both the Warmonger and Doom Battle Fortresses can be found on a Mighty Max collector's poster. Prototypes of this unreleased set have been seen on reseller sites such as Ebay.

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