Middle school science decor

Transform your classroom with these creative science decor ideas that will engage and inspire your middle school students. Make learning fun and exciting with these innovative classroom decorations.
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5 Classroom Decor Ideas for the Science Classroom

Are you having trouble deciding how to decorate your science classroom? Decorating your science classroom can be challenging, especially at the upper elementary and middle school levels. However, with older students, you want to ensure your science classroom decor is purposeful and welcoming without looking babyish. Here are some classroom decor strategies for your science classroom

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My Favorite Back to School Middle School Science Activities

Back to school always felt like a fresh start for me. One of my favorite parts about teaching was that each year I got a chance to correct the wrongs

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Classroom Prep Tips for Middle School Science

In this blog post I'm sharing my favorite and best classroom prep tips for your middle school science classroom!

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How to Make Beautiful Words on Walls in Your Science Classroom Easily - Rae Rocks Teaching

Words on walls are a great way to display important vocabulary words in your science classroom. Not only will it help your students learn...

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6th Grade Classroom Management Tips And Ideas: Organization, System, Supplies, And Activities - Teaching Expertise

For many students, sixth grade marks the beginning of middle school. Middle school students thrive on independence and responsibility. Effective teachers recognize this and create classrooms to accommodate these student needs. Therefore, we have developed an awesome list of 15 favorite classroom management strategies for you to implement in your classrooms.

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