Mermaid Tails

Dive into the enchanting world of mermaid tails. Find the perfect mermaid tail for swimming and cosplay, and unleash your inner mermaid with style and grace.
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Full silicone Merbella Studios mermaid tail. Fully swimmable with a size medium (green foot pocket) finnis competitor monofin. Professional quality, one of a kind. This is a USED tail sold as is. Sizing info: These were the original measurements I sent in for the tail pls check photos with measurements for EXACT size. All measurements in inches. Waist: 25 1/2 Hips: 39 Thighs: 32 Knees: 22 1/2 Ankles: 13 1/2 Waist to Ankles: 38 Waist to Knees: 25 Waist to hips: 9 1/2 Waist to Floor: 41

Peachy Bloom
Different tail ideas for MerMay mostly based off... - Courtney's Concepts

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