Memory wire jewelry

Explore a collection of unique and stylish memory wire jewelry designs that are perfect for any occasion. Find inspiration and create your own stunning pieces with these top ideas.
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Memory wire is a very popular stringing material – mostly among beginner beaders. But with the right beads and a few beadwoven components, you can turn a piece of wire into a unique and luxurious piece of jewelry. This pattern is made by Nela Kábelová. She is...

Bobbie Brown
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Memory wire bracelets are a great way to mimic multiple bangles without all the hassle. It is a special wire that curves in on itself into coils, like a spring. When beaded and worn, it will look like several stacked bracelets instead of...

JoAnne McGee
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Memory wire bracelets are so easy to make and look fantastic on your wrist! This blog post is showing how simple it is to make memory wire and bead bracelets. Even a child could make this and sell it at a craft table or lemonade stand! Makes a gorgeous gift idea too!

Diane Leal Medeiros
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Gaps in your memory wire loops are a thing of the past with this jewellery-making tip. Learn how to turn a perfectly formed loop so that your memory wire jewellery never gets caught on your clothes again!

Jessica Sankey