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Get ready to laugh out loud with these hilarious meme comics. Explore a collection of funny and relatable comics that are sure to put a smile on your face.
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Indonesian artist Fazry Maulana finds fun in everyday mundane and silly situations and turns them into entertaining comic strips. Family, relationships, social media, body image, familiar and unexpected scenarios from our daily lives – this is just a small part of what seems to inspire the artist to share his observations and personal experiences with the world.

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Fun comics are a great way to pass time as they delight people of all ages. The secret of their popularity lies in the ability to make one relate to their content as cartoons often portray daily life situations that have happened to a lot of people. In the time of the internet, human nature is fully exposed on social media and that makes it easier for artists to notice general trends in human behavior and translate that into a drawing.


Dark humor is not for everyone, but a lot of people enjoy it a lot. There are a lot of comics artists that base their stories on that type of humor. But not all of them do it as well as Good Bear Comics or James. This comics creator uses dark humor perfectly, his comics have unexpected twists and you never know what you're going to get. James' style is very colorful and bright, and he often illustrates famous characters like the clown from IT and Batman in all kinds of silly and weird…

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At first glance, it seems that everyone fights for a ray of sunlight in the comic world—there are millions of comics and just about the same amount of comic artists. Ricky Hawkins doesn't fit that bill, and is a modest and down-to-earth guy who makes an excellent comic strip once a week, sometimes even more frequently. There isn't any pretense to what he does, and it's a refreshing sight to see.