Meatball parm

Indulge in the ultimate comfort food with these mouthwatering meatball Parmesan recipes. Discover how to make the perfect meatballs and create a satisfying pasta dish that will leave you craving for more.
Outrageous Meatball Parm ~ An easy and delicious idea to make those usual meatballs taste like a whole new dish. Meat Recipes, Couscous, Gnocchi, Foodies, Casserole, Meatball, Meatball Parm, Hamburger Dishes, Meatballs

If you love meatballs, then you need to make this. Like now! Such an easy dish yet so outrageously packed with flavor. Even my oldest son ate this and that speaks volumes! I melted freshly grated parmigiano-reggiano on top but you can use any shredded cheese you like. I used my rockcrok pot from Pampered Chef to make these because it is safe for the stove top and the broiler. If you don't have anything that is safe for both, just be sure to switch your meatballs into a broiler safe dish to…

Ronald Reynolds
Meatball Parm Hero

This Meatball Parm Hero is full of flavor, texture and aroma from savory Italian meatballs tossed in a hearty tomato sauce and nestled between provolone, mozzarella and grated cheeses on a long roll then broiled for a toasty finish. Heaven on a roll, if you ask me!

Maria Nocito
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Unless I’m out to dinner, or unless there’s a birthday to celebrate, there’s not much room in my life right now for high-concept food. I love the idea of mashed potato ghosts for Halloween, and the artisanal Mallomars that came with the check at last weekend’s anniversary dinner was definitely good for a giggle. Even if it hadn’t been recorded in my... Read more »

Emily Adkins