Measurement third grade

Enhance your students' understanding of measurement with these fun and engaging activities. Discover hands-on exercises and games that make learning measurement a breeze for third graders.
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Interactive Ways to Teach Measurement and Measurement Conversions — THE CLASSROOM NOOK

I've heard it from teacher after teacher: " I dread teaching measurement every year. " It's hard to blame them. There's nothing ground-shaking about measurement. There's nothing exciting about metric vs. customary. It's just one of those skills that our stud

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Line Plot Mania

Line Plot Mania No comments Line Plots, math I am a huge fan of hands-on math. HUGE. This is probably why I love teaching measurement so much. It's naturally hands-on. This past week, we had lots of hands-on fun with measurement and line plots! We started off our week of measuring and plotting with this class line plot. Each student measured a line (to the nearest inch) and was given a pink X to graph on the line plot. The class line plot was simply a sentence strip that I turned into a…

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Kahoot Games for 4th Grade Measurement

Looking for a fun way to review customary and metric measurement with your students? Here are 9 fun Kahoot! games to practice learning the basic units as well as conversion between units such as grams to kilograms or pints to gallons. This blog post also has teaching tips as well as activities to practice with your students. Also includes game links to practice telling time and elapsed time.

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