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Tools of the Trade: McIntosh MA352 Amplifier Combines Unparalleled Audio Quality with Stunning Design - JAZZIZ Magazine

McIntosh Labs, makers of some of the most prestigious hi-fidelity audio equipment on the market, has been a favorite among jazz audiophiles for nearly seven decades. Lauded for their sophisticated designs and nearly unparalleled audio quality, the company has extended its run of successful product launches with the release of its newest hybrid amp: the

Terry Franklin
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McIntosh MC275 power amplifier

It's been a while since I've had a classic amplifier in my system, and McIntosh Laboratory's MC275 is as classic as they come. Introduced in 1961 as the "powerhouse" of that era's newfangled stereo tube amps (two 75W amplifiers in one chassis!), the MC275 retained its position as the amplifier to own—challenged only, perhaps, by Marantz and a few others—until 1970, when it fell prey to the widespread wisdom that transistors were king and tubes were dead, and the model was discontinued.

Earl Johnson