Mastectomy drains

Learn how to effectively manage mastectomy drains after surgery. Get expert tips and advice on caring for your drains and promoting healing for a smooth recovery.
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1 Week Post Op - Carolina Charm

Well, I made it through my double mastectomy surgery! Tomorrow will mark one week post op and I am so proud of myself for getting through these past 6 days. I had hoped to post an update much sooner than this but the medications I’m on make me very drowsy, unmotivated and blur my vision …

Michelle Hamada
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the necessities - Carolina Charm

Now that I’m on recovery cruise control I thought I would share some really helpful information that I’ve learned along the way for any of you (or your friends) preparing to embark on this journey. If your surgery date is set, CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve made it through the toughest part! Seriously, the decision (and waiting for …

Jennifer Carrino
Care for (Jackson Pratt) JP Drains Steps- my mom had these after her mastectomy, I took care of them for her. Mastectomy Drains, Wound Care Nursing, Perioperative Nursing, Mastectomy Recovery, Breast Implant Illness, Nursing 101, Nursing School Prerequisites, Med Surg Nursing, Nursing Assessment

How to Care for (Jackson Pratt) JP Drains: 12 Steps

Researchers agree that Jackson-Pratt (JP) drains may help you recover from surgery faster and might help prevent complications. However, you must keep your drain clean. JP drains work by draining excess fluid away from your surgery site....

Karen Courson