Marie antoinette dress 18th century

Step back in time with exquisite Marie Antoinette dresses that capture the elegance of the 18th century. Explore top ideas to create a regal and timeless style for your next event.
EKDuncan - My Fanciful Muse: "Marie Antoinette Style" - French Fashions of the 18th Century

I thought I'd step back in time a little bit farther and open up my trunk of "Marie Antoinette" time period fashions to share. These fashion plates from the late 18th century (1778-1787). I can't help but think of Queen Marie whenever I look at them. This fashion style could also be referred to as Georgian; however for me, since these plates are French... I consider them to be Marie Antoinette Fashions. For me - "Marie Antoinette fashions" have the distinctive look of being an elaborate gown…