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Feeling lost and confused? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Discover helpful tips and strategies to navigate through life's challenges and find your way to clarity and success.
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Piper Perabo - Lost and Delirious.

Piper Perabo - Lost and Delirious.

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Over the years I have found myself on both the interviewee and interviewer sides of the desk various times. Through these experiences, I have noticed that certain interview questions get asked more frequently than others. The following are five of the most common interview questions/inquiries and example positive responses to them. 1. Tell me about […]

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I find as a viewer, when I go to see comedies, the strain to be funny throughout the whole thing. I start to lose my sense of reality, and it ends up feeling like an empty experience; there's funny stuff in it but I've lost the emotional connection to the characters because it's just so bananas.

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