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Explore the art of lithography printmaking and learn how to create stunning prints. Find inspiration and techniques to enhance your printmaking skills today.
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I’m trying to do kitchen litho at home. It’s very exciting process.. #lithography #printmaking #print #art #artist #process #contemporary #studio #paint...

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Valerie Syposz on Instagram: "I never posted this video from the late summer because I worried it didn’t fit with my style. However, I think experimenting outside your comfort zone is also an important part of being an artist. So even though the finished print may never make it into one of my exhibitions, it gave me some exciting ideas of how to push future prints forward. And for that reason alone, it was totally worth making. Kitchen lithography and linocut, using maple helicopter seeds🌱…

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Download in full-color. Download a print-friendly version. Printmaking, for many art teachers, can be intimidating. With mediums like intaglio, lithography, screenprinting, monoprinting, and woodcuts, it certainly is. Within each of these printmaking methods, there are a lot of processes, a lot of steps, and a lot of materials. Rarely can all of these be explored […] The post Collagraph in the Classroom at a Glance appeared first on The Art of Education University.

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